About Us

Because Cards are Boring... Send a Potato Instead!

Everybody knows that cards are boring and rather forgettable - so, we decided to do something about it.

Here at Potato In The Post, we help you send a potato to friends, family or ANYONE else.  We are a weird team that does weird things.

People come up to us a tell us how funny and memorable getting a potato is.

One time someone wanted a potato sent to their own home, as though their cat had written a message, because they had a mouse in the house and wanted to send it a warning. The mouse was never seen soon after the potato arrived...

Another guy unknowingly got a potato for his birthday recently, he missed the delivery and went to the Royal Mail depot the next day for 6am. He was expecting a big parcel. Upon realising what he got; he told his mate that sent the potato and he shared it on Facebook. They were all surprised, to say the least...

Lastly, a girl sent a potato to her friend, as the potato arrived through the letterbox she thought it was a grenade. It is no shock they still talk about it today...

So, because of what we do, the memories a potato can create and the stories it creates, there are two kinds of people in the world:

  1. Those that send boring old cards.
  2. Those that send memorable messages on potatoes.


Create your own stories, create your own memories. Everyone knows that cards are boring... send a potato instead!