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12 Messages on potatoes Couples sent to each other

Every now and then we get some requests from couples to send a message on a potato to their other half, here is a collection of a few of those kinds of messages: 1) Meg, saw this and thought of… View More


6 Cheeky Messages on Potatoes

Every now and then we get people asking us to send cheeky messages on potatoes to people across the UK, generally speaking, so long as it is not too cheeky then we send them. 1) Send nudes… View More


5 Father's Day Present Ideas

So, as it is Father's day; what gift will you get him? I've collected a few gift ideas for Father's Day, to give you some ideas to give… View More


4 Cheap Gifts for Him

When you need some ideas for cheap gift ideas for him. That's why we wrote this blog. 1. Star Wars drone - when it comes to remote control cars, they have… View More


5 Crazy gift ides for a Birthday

So, it's a mate's birthday soon. What can you do? What do you get that is crazy? You know they'll not want anything else... 1) Sudokube - when Rubik's cube is too… View More